Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Welcome to the FMG’s Teaching & Learning Centre. On this website we provide teaching staff with information and inspiration on innovation in education.

The FMG-TLC is part of a constellation of TLC’s that are represented across the University of Amsterdam. In line with the core goals underlying the Teaching & Learning Centre, the FMG-TLC aims to develop and support initiatives designed to:

  1. foster knowledge sharing across the FMG,
  2. provide professional development for FMG educators,
  3. encourage innovation among FMG educators.

Please send an email to tlc-fmg@uva.nl and we’ll get back to you!

For teachers. By teachers.

Achieving Our Aims

To achieve our aims, the FMG-TLC annually plans a range of activities for FMG teachers. This ranges from larger events that tackle a topic of wide interest, to smaller more tailored workshops addressing a pressing need amidst a smaller cohort of the faculty. We also develop and collaborate with, TLC Central to offer teachers a wide range of free courses for professional development. Even further, we assist with the onboarding of new teachers as they join our faculty. As we aim to be a continued source of support throughout their teaching journey. Finally, with an eye towards the ever-increasing work pressure amongst faculty, we have several ongoing initiatives designed explicitly to address these challenges. 

Further Reading

  • Under Professionalisation you can find the courses that we offer, alongside the registration procedure and additional information.
  • If you want to get inspired by teacher stories and experiences or tips for teachers, you can go to Inspiration.
  • Under Contact you will find the information of our teachers, trainers and coaches.

Our Space

You can find us in C0.03, in building REC-C. We are in front of the elevators. You can recognise us by our big orange balloon sticker as shown in the picture below. Come find us!


Personal support

Would you like help with designing an interactive lecture? Do you have a technical or didactic question about tools like Zoom, Canvas or Kaltura? Schedule an appointment with colleagues of TlC, ICTO or the Kaltura or Perusall helpdesk.

On request
By colleagues from TLC, ICTO and the Kaltura- and Perusall helpdesk

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