Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Centre of the FMG! 

TLC-FMG is part of UvA’s network of Teaching & Learning Centres. Together, the TLC support UvA educators in the areas of teaching professionalisation, educational innovation, knowledge sharing and university education research.

TLC Highlights

E-book interactive teaching techniques

An e-book on interactive teaching techniques, to enable students’ effective learning.

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To stimulate professionalisation in higher education we offer various programmes and courses. This includes separate coaching and consultancy hours for educators to sign up for, and programmes such as the Workgroup Teacher Programme (WTP), PhD Teacher Programme and the UTQ (University Teaching Qualification, in Dutch: BKO).



Do you have specific questions about (re)designing a tutorial, lecture, course or curriculum? We are here to answer your questions and support the (re)design process with tailored consultancy.

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Explore Teacher Stories, Tips for Teachers, interesten articles and TLC events to get inspired an share knowledge about teaching practicus in higher education.



Teacher Stories

Teacher story

Lecturer of the year 2022:
An interview with Milio van de Kamp about his best practices.

Teacher story

Spring event: inclusivity
How to effectively facilitate students with disabilities in the classroom?

Teacher story

AI and education at the UvA:
a lecture and discussion with rector magnifcus Peter-Paul Verbeek

Teacher story

Catchbox in UvA education:
Learn from teachers with experience with a throwable microphone.


In the field of innovation, The UvA TLC network offers several opportunities that support educators in education innovation. These include the UvA TLC Education grants, the Visible Learning Trajectories Programme, as well as various Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Studio - TLC Creates

Studio – TLC Creates
If you would like to create media content for your courses, like a Podcast, a knowledge clip, or video interviews, TLC-FMG has got you covered. The TLC-FMG can help you flush out your ideas and support and finance your project.
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Teaching and AI

AI Consultancy
Are you worried about how AI affects education? Or do you want to know how to integrate AI in your lessons? Book an appointment with one of our experts and find answers to all your AI-related questions.

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Tool selector

Tool selector (in Dutch)
Select the right digital tool for your educational situation or just browse in all available tools.

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Research by TLC

Research makes an important contribution to evidence-informed education at the UvA and provides further development and improvement. Research fellows and other ongoing research projects provide insight into the impact of education innovation and professionalisation and insight in the experiences of teachers and students. Based on the research results, we can further improve UvA education.

Research projects

Blended Education at the UvA
Although the UvA is a campus university, forms of digital education can be combined with face-to-face education. This so called blended education can contribute to richer and innovative learning environments.

Online Education at the UvA

Online Education at the UvA
This project consists of several studies aimed at gaining insights into (online) teaching strategies that can be effective for different types of learning objectives and target groups.

Education Research Fellow Programme

Education Research Fellow Programme
The programme aims to encourage faculty to conduct educational research as a means for educational innovation and faculty professional development.



Our team consists of representatives from Social Sciences and Child Development & Education alongside a Coordinator – thus ensuring that voices from across the FMG are equally represented. The TLC-FMG is co-directed by Dr. Jessica Taylor Piotrowski (Communication Science) and Drs. Sharon Klinkenberg (Communication Science).

We are located at Roeterseiland, REC C0.03. You can recognise us by the big orange sticker on our window. Come visit us!

Do you have a question?

If you want to reach out to use or share your ideas, please contact us at tlc-fmg@uva.nl

About TLC Network

TLC-FMG is part of UvA’s network of Teaching & Learning Centres. The network consists of seven faculty teams and a central team within the University of Amsterdam.

Together, the Teaching & Learning Centres support UvA educators in the field of teaching professionalisation, educational innovation, knowledge sharing, and university education research.

About TLC Network