An inclusive learning environment

For every educator (EN)

This course takes place in English.

As a teacher you want to create a learning environment where everybody feels safe, included and scientific integrity is safeguarded. In order to do this we have to proactively harness diversity and teach using inclusive teaching methods. In this course we will make the first step towards this by looking at how your own identity influences your perspective, through the concept of intersectionality.

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Good to know

Target audience All teachers who want to broaden their understanding in creating a safe learning environment that harnesses diversity and includes everybody. This module is both relevant for educational practices within a group (tutorial teachers) as well as one-on-one teaching (supervisors).
Prior knowledge No specific prior knowledge required
Required time investment 2 sessions of 3 hours each
Trainer TLC Central trainer
  • Thursday 23 March & 13 April 2023 (14:00 – 17:00) – English spoken
Location On campus


Course details

We will talk about what kind of controversial issues you might encounter and how your own thoughts might hold you back from intervening. We will invite you to challenge these thoughts and give you the tools to help you intervene in a manner that ensures a safe learning environment. Examples of questions addresses are; what is intersectionality and how does it play a role in your classroom? What makes it difficult to intervene as a teacher when a controversial comment is made? How can you invite yourself to start trying? How to react to controversial comments in the classroom, while including everyone?


Frequently asked questions

Will I receive a diploma or certificate upon completion of the course?

Upon completion of this course, you will not receive a diploma. After all, it is not a study programme you are completing. However, it is possible to receive a certificate of participation.

How much time am I expected to spend on this course outside of sessions?

Before the start of each course, we ask participants to fill in a form and send this to the trainer. This helps the trainer to obtain insight in to the learning goals and expectations of the participants. For participants, this a good way to prepare for asking the questions and discussing the topics that would benefit them most.

In addition, the majority of courses invite participants to bring in materials (such as a case study), or to prepare for sessions by watching/reading some online self-study materials. For a complete course, the total preparation time will be approximately 1 hour.

Courses that consist of more than one session, will often require some additional between-session work, in the form of an assignment. Assignments offer you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. How much time you spend on an assignment is largely up to you, although a reasonable estimate would be 1 hour for the entire course.

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