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In the webinars, UvA colleagues and others share their knowledge and experience. For example about blended learning, student interaction and engagement and tools to use in your teaching.  Join the next webinar or watch previous webinars below.

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Perusall: every student prepared for lectures

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Erwin van Vliet (FNWI), Natasa Brouwer-Zupancic (FNWI) and Cato Drion (FNWI)

Perusall is an online social learning platform that can support students outside contact hours in reading and processing reading material in preparation for lectures or other contact hours. Through the Grassroot programme ‘Perusall-FNWI’, Erwin van Vliet (FNWI) has been able to use this tool in education. Together with Natasa Brouwer-Zupančič (FNWI) and Cato Drion (FNWI) he introduces Perusall, shares experiences of lecturers and students and gives tips on the use of this tool based on best practices.


Connecting while disconnected

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Barend Last (Maastricht University)

During this webinar, Barend Last addresses three questions:

  1. How can we design education in a way that facilitates online connection between student and instructor?
  2. How can we find an optimal balance between online and face-to-face time, making use of the strengths of both and getting the most out of the limited face-to-face time?
  3. What kind of tools can we use to strengthen connections?

Last is a specialist in Information Skills & Blended Learning at Maastricht University. Before Maastricht, Last worked at the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA, where he played an important role in Blended Learning Initiatives.


How to encourage self regulation of students?

Ilja Boor (FNWI) and Sandra Cornelissen (FNWI)
What influence does studying online from home have on the degree of self-direction of students? Do students in this situation find it more difficult to remain active in their studies and to manage their own learning process? In this webinar, Ilja Boor and Sandra Cornelissen will discuss what you, as a teacher, can do to stimulate online self-directed learning of students and discuss appropriate teaching methods and tips and tricks.

Relevant videos referenced during this webinar:
Learning how to learn (Vimeo) en Studying efficiently and effectively (Vimeo)


Tips of FMG Lecturer of the Year 2020

Sharon Klinkenberg (FMG)

Sharon shares his tips for teaching, his favourite (and least favourite) teaching moments and his thoughts on how to teach in our new online distance learning environment.


Bringing tutorial groups online

Titia Beek (FMG)

Titia Beek talks about bringing tutorials groups online. Titia works in the psychology department with about 400 bachelor students. What challenges has she experienced? She elaborates on the way their education is organised.


Interactive teaching in Zoom

Fam te Poel (FMG)

Fam te Poel talks about issues to consider around interactive teaching in Zoom. Differences between synchronous and a-synchronous teaching, break-out rooms and communication with students are discussed during this webinar, while questions from attendees are answered.