Module 4 | You and the group


How do you create effective working norms within the group? How do you create more interaction within the group? And what can you do if the group isn’t working in the way you want?

Course description

Key module 

Maybe the most asked question by teachers is ‘how can I get more interaction in my group?’. In order to answer this question we will take a look at the theory of interpersonal interactions based on Leary’s Rose. We will translate this concept to your classroom and look at different interventions and its effects. Furthermore we will look at the types of questions you can ask to spike a reaction.

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Target audience

  • Beginning teachers who have little or no didactic prior knowledge.
  • This module is compulsory for all student-assistants, tutors, PhD students (that stand in front of a group) and teachers 4. It is therefore part of the DOP introductory training and the introductory didactical teacher training for TA’s during summer.
  • All key and enriching modules are open for everyone who is teaching at the Faculty of Science, e.g. teachers 4, tutors and teaching assistants (PhD’s and student assistants). Not sure which module suits your learning objectives best? Please send an email to

Prior knowledge: No specific prior knowledge required

Required time investment: Approximately 15 minutes preparation time plus the module itself (3 hours).

Trainers: Brit Giesbertz, Merel Pompe or Tjitske Sijbrandij

Group composition: Between 5 (minimum) and 12 (maximum) no. of participants


When, where and how?

Location: Science Park 904

Course duration: 3 hours


You can sign up for this module via Didactical Modules TLC. The available dates are on the registration form. Do you have any questions? Please contact us via